Bottle Episode “Cooperative Calligraphy” First Scene Research

Show: Community Season 2 Episode 8

Context: A characters pen is missing and the study group is trying to figure out who took it. This is the bottle episode so the scene is all filmed in the same room.

SettingIn study room
Same location the entire scene and episode
relates to our film as we are using the same room for our entire film (Bottle)
CutsCuts make it difficult to see scene changes as the location doesn’t truly change. This grabs viewers attention while being slightly confusing

Frequent edits around half a second to a second
Emotionemotion is shown by expressions and dialog. we only see the character while they are are in the study room. This does not leave room for using setting for feeling and emotion other than showing they can’t leave.
Conflict Conflict is established in the first scene
Pen goes missing

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