Andrew Stanton Storytelling

Jokes story telling is joke telling
know punch line
story, and ending
deepens who we are as human beings
make me carestory telling breaks the amount of time
asthetically, drawn in, not by change but by design
find how the ending goes
Propelling through story find ways
as simple as once upon a time
here let me tell you a story…
slingshot to propel you through story
Unifying Theory
story telling without dialog
audience wants tot work for meal but doesn’t want to realize they’re doing that
well organized absence of info that we have to think about
Unifying Theory of 2+2
Tension drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty

guid lines not hard fast rules

A strong theme always runs through a well told story

can you evoke wonder?

use what you learn, draw from it
what you feel deep down in your core.

Stories come from within and make the viewers have to think without even knowing