Internet Issues Feedback


  • My less than 1-minute film is about the struggles of internet during online classes. I showed the sages of frustration and then asking friends if their internet was out too.


A student is trying to prepare for an important test but her internet cuts out.

Intent / Goals

  • FOR YOU:  My goal was to make sure the edits were clear and actually helpful for the film. I wanted to try out edits that I hadn’t already known about.
  • FOR THE PROJECT: I wanted viewers to feel how boring online classes are especially when the internet isn’t working well.


  • I watched the 13 edits youtube video over and over again to make sure I understood it.
  • What about them was interesting, compelling, and qualified them to be studied by you?
    • I wanted to make sure I fully knew the differences between the edits and how I could actually use them.


  • Write two questions for the audience
  • Are the edits actually useful and noticeable?
  • Is the idea behind the film clear?


  • “It made sense to me, I got it” -Brian
  • “Montage was great” -Abby
  • “I love that you cut to the computer and cut to yourself” -Emily

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