Evidence of Editing: The King of Staten Island (2020) – Tattooing a Child Scene

  • What about editing language understanding did you notice?
    • I noticed L and J cuts while the kid was getting the tattoo. 
    • I noticed there was a lot of emotion shown as the scene was appearing.
    • I noticed there was a lot of rhythm involved in order to make the cuts make sense and flow well.
  • What did you like about the film clip?
    • I liked how the cuts very very quick and not noticeable in order to make the clip appear smoother.
    • I like how the last cut shows one of the guys as a close up saying he doesn’t want to be friends with them anymore.
  • What question do you have from what you saw?
    • What other techniques were used in order to make the cuts flow smoothly? 
  • What I learned from this week’s exercise is I am now able to watch a clip from a film and notice what went into editing choices and how they make the film flow.


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